Saturday, August 16

Less is more - thoughts on the Photoshop mania

...there has been a huge buzz on the Photoshop topic, how fashion industry has gone way too far with it and how even fashion bloggers edit the photos crazily before publishing - so the media would only see an image of perfection. So the big question for every blogger and social-media-active person is - photoshop or no photoshop? 

Thursday, August 7

Evening sun

... I am not even quite sure how much have I spent time at home these past two days. Yesterday we arrived back to Tartu but since we caught a later bus we got to the city at late afternoon. After literally spending two seconds at home I ran out since I needed some catching up (you can't imagine how much work and duties pile up if you ar away for a couple of days!) and also managed to make some outfit shots in the evening - these are the first outfit shots taken with my new camera!

Tuesday, August 5

Sweet 21

... How could a girl be any more lucky to spend her birthday with her loved ones in a little piece of heaven?! Last Sunday, on 3d of August I had my sweet 21 and since it has been steamingly hot outside + we've spent a couple of days away in Tallinn we decided to spend that day on the beach. 

Tuesday, July 29

THE BAG - Marc by Marc Jacobs

And for that, you always need those statement items. I don't kow how it has gone that way (okay, I know - thanks mom!) but bags are my "thing". They are the only fashion item I could never buy from a mainstream store anymore and only prefer very high quality, statement ones - and now there is a new baby in my bag collection - Marc Jacobs. 

Saturday, July 26

The Bandana Bag - Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply


There is a brief week-or-two in Estonia when the whole country transforms into a deep, almost trans-like vacation mode because we have our (almost) only 30+ degree weathers at that time! Pretty much every summer we have a month of rain and then boom - blazing hot days that leave you sweaty, craving only for ice cream and .. well, ice and with a knowing you were not bikini-ready - or that you don't even own a decent pair of bikini! 

Friday, July 18

Crazy train

34-HOUR DAYS .... 
.... would be a dream, wouldn't it?! You would have plenty of time for sleeping your beauty sleep, working out, relaxing with your loved ones, running around from one place to another and completing those 50 tasks that are written on yellow post-its that cover your desk (so you almost forget what your desk actually looks like). In times like these, I thank god for the person who invented post-its because they are literally like an extension for my brain. 

Monday, July 14

The heart of the ocean

... has finally arrived! In fact, this past week has been amazingly sunny, but due to hectic schedule, I had time to enjoy it just today. If there is something better than relaxing in the beach with someone dear to you, then let me know because today was a pure heaven for me!