Sunday, March 23

Born Pretty Store - A bling to brighten up your day

Born Pretty Store is a long-time favourite of mine - it's hard to find quality jewelry that is equal to the price BPS provides! Therefore, I was so excited to order some new goodies from their online store! Recently, I've really grown a love towards delicate jewelry - somehow the sentence "less is more" really does work .. So, here I am now with my tiny little rings and some delicate pieces that I absolutely love! What is amazing, is that the quality of BPS is way better than you could hope for such price - it really is a deal of your lifetime. :) 

What do you think of Born Pretty Store - have you purchased anything from their home page? If not, definitely take a look now so you wouldn't miss a great opportunity! :) 


Friday, March 14

Back in the game - Zerxzastyle for Justfor5pounds

Long time, no see .. but I'm so happy to announce we are back and stronger than ever! To be completely honest it has been a crazy month and went by so fast that I didn't even notice until really today that half of March is already gone! I've been working a lot but I promise you it will bring some big things for this blog as well - doesn't matter how busy life gets, my blog will always stay by my side. 

To kick it all off, today I'm introducing you to an amazing online store that you've all probably heard of: Justfor5pounds. Not only do they provide trendy fashion items, they do it with best price ever - trust me, it can make you a serious shopaholic! As a little surprise, they sent me a cute orange clutch that was exactly the thing missing from my wardrobe - being a huge accessories-fan, I'm always delighted to find something so cute. The bag looks adorable and rafined at the same time, not even mentioning how spacious it is - I could fit all my important everyday-items and there was still some room left. :) If you're not already a Justfor5pounds fan, it's about time to become one! 

PS: What's your opinion on opposite colors together in an outfit just like I did here with blue and orange? Let me know down in the comment section! 

Pictures by Rauno Põldme
Dress - Mango | Blazer - Vero Moda | Shoes - Jetty | Bag - Justfor5pounds | Sunglasses - Dolce&Gabbana | Stockings - Oroblu Italy

Saturday, February 15

Be my Valentine

Though I'm a bit late, it's never too late to say "I love you" to a dear friend or you guys! It has been more hectic than ever and it has felt like a lifetime being away from the blog .. I'm super sorry but I still tend to be here so I'm not going anywhere. 

As a little updated, I decided to dedicate today for Valentine's day (though it's a bit late). About a month ago I got a lovely heart print shirt from Persunmall (which is perfect replica for the Burberry heart shirt!) and I adored it - ever since I got it, I knew it's the one thing to wear on Valentine's day. However, on yesterday morning when I had to go to work, I didn't even think about the fact it' 14th of February - I just put on the shirt with red skater skirt and went to work. Later, one of my first customers told me cheerfully: "Your shirt matches the day!" I was a bit stunned, because I didn't realize what I had done with my outfit :) 

Even though the pattern is a little unconventional, it has rocked the world and is suitable for February than anything else! What do you think about this shirt? Would you get the Burberry original or Persunmall replica? Share your Valentine's day outfits with me <3

Friday, February 7

Pin-up girls rock the world

Shouting proudly "We can do it!", while wearing high heels, red lipstick and an eye liner - you guessed it right, that's what represented the "perfect image" of a woman back in the days from where the pin-up style got it's kick start. It's no news I'm a big fan of this style and now I can even more proudly say this is indirectly the subject that has kept me away from this blog, besides working in Desigual. Though I can't tell you more right now, I can guarantee it's going to be awesome and soon you can all find out more. <3 

Anyways, for the past month I've been working on a project that evolves around vintage style, pin-up girls and badass music! Sounds like heaven, doesn't it? This is the reason why I decided to share with you a little glimpse to the inspiration I use daily. I love this style more than anything and in honor of that you can see me all the time with a rather similar style - eye-liner is my no1. There is more than meets the eye with pin-up girls though. They represent true feminine power - besides running a household and looking like million dollars, they managed to kick ass in politics, business and make a career. Stay classy, never trashy and always make your dreams come true - that's what makes them so appealing, besides a beautiful outer look. 

What do you think about pin-up style? Is it your cup of tea? Do you like vintage/retrostyle? 

Sunday, February 2

I ♥ Fashiolista

Sunday - funday ... Sleeping late, baking, drinking coffee & not doing something is ideal for a Sunday. Even if I do need to work on Sunday, I always take it a bit easier and slower, giving my body the time to relax from the hectic week; when I'm working at the store on Sunday, even then the flow is a bit calmer and overall vibe is softer. There is just something about Sundays, you have to admit that! So today I had the chance to take all from a Sunday and besides enjoying yummy food, I wanted to share my love for Fashiolista with you! It's the perfect chill place for finding those trend-items that make your heart bounce (and break your budget). Therefore, it's more than suitable for a chill day like this! When looking back at my fashiolista loves, I can't help but noticing how it portrays a style-pattern of my current loves - sometimes it's all a bit grungier, sometimes girlier, sometimes classier. I love seeing this pattern and rediscover those sides of my style, over and over again. :) 

Are you a Fashiolista fan? If not, I really recommend taking a peek at the site and of course, don't forget to check out my Fashiolista page here: 

Friday, January 31

Midnight With Baking

I'm an owl, there is no doubt about it. 5AM is perfectly normal time of day for me to make crepes, just as 12AM is the best time for making cupcakes or cinnamon buns like I did today - you just have to make the best out of your day-offs! I must say, I'm not the greatest chef, mainly because Rauno is that already and hey, why cook when you have a professional chef around :D Anyways, I do love cooking world and even more I adore baking! Anything that evolves around sweets .. I'm there! That's the reason I love trying out new receipes and mess around with making something cute and sweet :)  ... and when I'm not working on fashion-department, I find some delicious foodie-holic pictures. Therefore, it's also perfectly okay to share some foodie inspiration with you at 3AM! So here you go, something sweet for your weekend. It's the perfect time to go & bake something for your loved ones <3

How are you planning to spend the weekend? :) 

To Tommy, From Zooey

 (Pictures from WWD
As working for a company that retails Tommy Hilfiger to Estonia amongst many other great brands, every news about the designers and their collections touches my heart and catches my attention a little bit more than other brands. Now when combining a great designer that is close to my heart and an actress who I truly adore for everything she is you can imagine the look on my face when I found out Tommy Hilfiger and Zooey Deschanel are collaborating for a lovely capsule collection! 

As a result Hilfiger incorporated Zooey's quirky essence and vintageness in 16 adorable 60's inspired dresses that absolutely scream the name of Zooey as the name of Tommy. The dresses have the flirty feel but at the same time the colors and simplicity of the design are authentical to Tommy, combining the best features from them both in these creations. Fun, yet sophisticated, comfy yet detailed and thought-throw, the dresses have it all. 

Even better is the fact that you don't have to wait for long in order to get your hands on these dresses! The collection will be launched on April 14 at Macy's and few days later in Tommy Hilfiger specialty stores as well. I can say I am absolutely excited and can't wait to try them on already! 

What do you think about this collection? How do you like the idea of having celebrities collaborating with designers for ready-to-wear clothing lines? Are you a Deschanel fan? Share your thoughts! :)

PS: Don't forget to check out the TH webpage as well HERE


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