Saturday, April 25



Long time, no see should have been my motto the past year when it comes to this little blog, isn't it so? This time away has however made our perspectives very clear and now we know, better than ever, what we wish to achieve - and this blog is part of our plans! So yes, we're officially back, rebooting the blog and making sure we deliver only the best content to you every week :) 

A lot has changed during this time! When talking about lifestyle-wise, my style has grown and evolved majorly. I think the one part to "blame" is definitely the work we do - it needs this sophisticated side which in fact has always appealed to me. No, don't you think I'm throwing Lita boots to the corner and dumping quirkyness - NEVER! 

Saturday, March 7

Kaubamaja 55 - long years filled with stunning fashion

March is truly magical - not only marks it the end of long winter, it is a busy month where everybody look excitedly towards the upcoming year, fill their ideas and goals and reach only higher. In Estonia, it also marks the celebration of Kaubamaja's 55 anniversary year. Kaubamaja is the fashion-retail giant in Estonia who's roots go deep to our history and their impact on our nation cannot be overlooked. You might remember their lovely fashion shows from earlier years too but there is no doubt: this year's celebration was beyond anything before. 

Sunday, October 26

White is the new black for autumn


Once Rauno said I have certain Picasso characteristics. No, don't get me wrong - though I am a designer and in deep love with art I am no painter. The thing is I have these color periods when I tend to buy clothes in one color perspective. As I've mentioned earlier I've had a phase towards blue, but also there was brown period (during high school - not so bright phase I must say) and black one - which most of us have had at some point of our life. Well, when they said white is hard to pull off, white is difficult to take care of, white is so unconventional - I went and got myself a white coat. When pairing it with my beloved lita boots, estonians tend to think I am a lunatic. "What is she thinking, wearing a white coat and sky high heels in our climatic conditions?" they wonder. And I just smile and wave. :) 

Sunday, October 19

Those October Days


Since the start of working with SRC my life has turned a lot towards classy and sophisticated looks - as the company's creative director and leader of all design projects I have many meetings with clients and it would be unforgivable to dress any less. This week wasn't different and besides the work we decided to have a little camera-fun-time and shoot the outfit. 

Tuesday, October 14

It ain't autumn without your nails done


Mm ... Remember the blue beach, strawberries, ice tea, outfits with no extra layers... Well it's autumn now and we can forget all of that until the next summer. Seems bittersweet but actually autumn ain't so bad either. October in Estonia has been quite beautiful and warm, letting us all enjoy the yellow leaves and cool autumn air. 

However, when the weather is transitioning, we - my ladies - have to do a bit of our own transitioning act. Time to hang those tops and flip flops to the back of the closet and welcome scarves, hats, boots and autumn make-up!

And you know what - even our nails need an autumn makeover!

Saturday, October 11

Tartu Kaubamaja Moekuulutaja 2014 - welcome to the magic of 50s!

(For the reason of this being an estonian event, I have not included english translation - however, after using translation I am still very interested in your opinion! Thank you xo)

10-11. oktoober oli Tartlastel imeline võimalus saada osa Moekuulutaja 2014 moeshow'dest ning end kurssi viia kõigega, mis toimumas sügis-talvisel moemaastikul. 

Ka meil Zerxzastyle'is oli au kaasa teha kogu Moekuulutaja päev ning näha, mida pakub Kaubamaja sel hooajal. Kui eelmine aasta olin ma ülimalt pettunud, kuna showd olid üsnagi mannetud, siis tänavu teen sügava kummarduse ja aplausi, sest kogu üritus ületas suure kaarega eelmisel aastal toimunu. Muidugi ei puudunud omad pisikesed moefopaadki, kuid üldpilti see rikkuda ei suutnud.

Loe lisa ja vaata pilte Moekuulutajal toimunust siit:

Wednesday, September 10

Amway Expo 2014

AMWAY EXPO @ Nordea Kontserdimaja ...
... On Sunday we took the chance and visited Amway Expo which meant only one thing - endless line of products and hundreds of women discussing beauty. Amway is a very new company for me but after hearing many praising comments about the excellent quality Amway products have, I had to try them out.