Saturday, June 27

Suit up


By now we almost thought hot summer sun is never going to find our country! Well, it finally did and what's better for celebrating it than spending a Saturday on town with comfy-as-PJ's playsuit! 

To be completely honest, I didn't expect a lot from this playsuit - well, actually I've always stayed away from them thinking it's a piece of clothing I'd never manage to wear and it's only for girls with legs twice as long as mine. Still, when I found this cute playsuit from CNDirect I couldn't resist and I thought I'll go for it ... because hey, I can't avoid it forever if I want to be comfy on summer! I received the package about week before nice summer days and realized a couple of things about this playsuit ... 

Saturday, June 6

First rays of sunshine | Sun Safety Week


With June's first days being upon us, there's one essential topic that needs to be discussed: sun & skin care. Whether it's a blessing or a curse, we're having quite cold weather in Estonia - yesterday in fact was the first day for going to the beach and actually it was still pretty cold even with a dress. Why I mentioned it could be a blessing is that the recent years I've started to pay more attention to the problematic aspects of tanning - and when I think about it, I don't want to go out to the sun for a long time because of the threats it can carry. However, when the hot weathers arrive of course we enjoy every bit of it but - responsibly. :) 

Monday, May 18

A touch of Rockabilly is all you need to rock your day | Muigur Vintage Style Shop


Last week was truly wonderful and filled with many new aspirations. Today, however,  I want to dedicate this post on vintage clothing that you all are familiar with - especially Rockabilly style. By a lucky accident we stumbled upon this new and absolutely fabulous Estonian boutique Muigur that provides their clients vintage clothing from different time periods and therefore I did a little shopping, keeping in mind upcoming summer.  

Even though it is quite cold here in Estonia with no hope for getting any warmer, we picked out this amazing rockabilly-styled dress and styled them together with some complimentary accessories - for example breathtaking lace gloves that leave no one cold-hearted. To top it all up I added my own lucite heels and voila - we had an outfit!

 Since the outfit looked so incredible, almost a bit fairytalish, and something totally different, we desided to shoot the pictures in a bit more dreamy location - Kadrioru Park. 
Check out more pictures right down below! 

Saturday, May 16

Let's get ready for summer! Wishlist - CNDirect


....Well, to be completely honest, it is actually only +10 degrees outside and pretty much freezing but considering upcoming June, we got to be ready for summer, right?! Forget the bikini shape because I've found the perfect items for your summer wardrobe which mean you don't have to worry about taking that ice-cream here and there because you know what - relax and enjoy life! 

It's unbelievable to think you could actually get a decent summer clothing with less than 10$ ... but you can, thanks to CN Direct which provides fashionable, trendy clothes with unbelievable prices! Take a look at these 6 items that are perfect for summer: 

The fun part of all these gorgeous items is that these 6 alltogether cost 47,99$! Insane, right? But true! 

Sunday, May 10

Let it go


... Every day we learn something new, isn't it so? This week has been a true emotional rollercoaster with some realisations of myself - and what could be harder than learning something about yourself, especially when you learn things you didn't want to accept before. Well, long story short - I'm testing myself, my abilities and character in any way possible, especially work-wise. I guess it hit us both this week what we must do next to evolve with our business and life overall, but that realisation hit us so hard, at first it wasn't easy to accept. Now, however, I'm slowly accomodating myself to it and trying harder every single day ... Because success doesn't wait, does it? :) 

Saturday, May 2

All you need is love ... And a very good dress!

Who's with me when I say - MANGO is brilliant? 

We've all been in that point when we need to be on a meeting in an hour, sitting in a pile of clothes and thinking: "I'm not exaggerating, but I truly do NOT have anything to wear!". Been there, done that, right? Luckily, I have a true fashion-guru beside me who brings me out of those I-have-nothing-to-wear mantras. Last week I had another day of those moments when Rauno pulled out this blue love from Mango, put on the leather belt and said: "Voila, you're ready to go!". 

Saturday, April 25



Long time, no see should have been my motto the past year when it comes to this little blog, isn't it so? This time away has however made our perspectives very clear and now we know, better than ever, what we wish to achieve - and this blog is part of our plans! So yes, we're officially back, rebooting the blog and making sure we deliver only the best content to you every week :) 

A lot has changed during this time! When talking about lifestyle-wise, my style has grown and evolved majorly. I think the one part to "blame" is definitely the work we do - it needs this sophisticated side which in fact has always appealed to me. No, don't you think I'm throwing Lita boots to the corner and dumping quirkyness - NEVER!