Wednesday, September 10

Amway Expo 2014

AMWAY EXPO @ Nordea Kontserdimaja ...
... On Sunday we took the chance and visited Amway Expo which meant only one thing - endless line of products and hundreds of women discussing beauty. Amway is a very new company for me but after hearing many praising comments about the excellent quality Amway products have, I had to try them out.

Saturday, September 6

Appreciating Autumn

Have you noticed where the summer has gone? To be completely honest, I must say the summer flew by so quickly I barely even noticed it! By the time it was my birthday, I had gone to the beach only once and played badminton for a couple of times but that was about it. Usually, when my birthday arrives it's almost like a hint of upcoming autumn ... and now it's here! 

Saturday, August 16

Less is more - thoughts on the Photoshop mania

...there has been a huge buzz on the Photoshop topic, how fashion industry has gone way too far with it and how even fashion bloggers edit the photos crazily before publishing - so the media would only see an image of perfection. So the big question for every blogger and social-media-active person is - photoshop or no photoshop? 

Thursday, August 7

Evening sun

... I am not even quite sure how much have I spent time at home these past two days. Yesterday we arrived back to Tartu but since we caught a later bus we got to the city at late afternoon. After literally spending two seconds at home I ran out since I needed some catching up (you can't imagine how much work and duties pile up if you ar away for a couple of days!) and also managed to make some outfit shots in the evening - these are the first outfit shots taken with my new camera!

Tuesday, August 5

Sweet 21

... How could a girl be any more lucky to spend her birthday with her loved ones in a little piece of heaven?! Last Sunday, on 3d of August I had my sweet 21 and since it has been steamingly hot outside + we've spent a couple of days away in Tallinn we decided to spend that day on the beach. 

Tuesday, July 29

THE BAG - Marc by Marc Jacobs

And for that, you always need those statement items. I don't kow how it has gone that way (okay, I know - thanks mom!) but bags are my "thing". They are the only fashion item I could never buy from a mainstream store anymore and only prefer very high quality, statement ones - and now there is a new baby in my bag collection - Marc Jacobs. 

Saturday, July 26

The Bandana Bag - Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply


There is a brief week-or-two in Estonia when the whole country transforms into a deep, almost trans-like vacation mode because we have our (almost) only 30+ degree weathers at that time! Pretty much every summer we have a month of rain and then boom - blazing hot days that leave you sweaty, craving only for ice cream and .. well, ice and with a knowing you were not bikini-ready - or that you don't even own a decent pair of bikini!